We Make Offline Donation
Processing Fast and Simple.

Save Time

We reduce the amount of time that it takes to process offline gifts so that you can focus on the mission at hand.

Refocus Staff

With more time on their hands, your staff can focus on more strategic needs of your organization and less on data entry.

Save Money

Our solution has consistently proven to save our clients significant labor costs and other processing expenses.

Old way vs Aqubanc® way

We help nonprofits rapidly increase the number of gifts they can process. From scan to posting into your CRM, we help nonprofits get greater return on their mission by simplifying processes.

Manual vs Aqubanc

Our solutions not only speed up gift processing, but we help nonprofits see a faster path to intentional and effective stewardship.

What we know is that an appreciated donor is a happy donor, and happy donors give again.

How it works

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Check21 Scanning

Scan check and solicitation slips, save the image, and talk directly or import it into your nonprofit CRM. Our solution saves time and helps you easily create a paper trail for Finance and your auditors.

Save yourself a step and scan checks in-house. Reduce trips to the bank with Check21 contribution deposit.

Gift Entry into CRM

Let the system do it for you. Our gift entry allows an operator to process tens or hundreds of gifts daily and directly into your CRM with full gift and donor integrity maintained.

Reduce the headaches. Make gift processing easier and faster with our automated solutions.

How we help nonprofits

This is how we help nonprofits focus more on their mission by speeding up the process to enter gifts and move onto the stewardship and relationship building that we know helps them have a greater impact.

We create the systems and process for you to quickly get your gifts processed.

Keep track of donors and their gifts.

Maintain a paper trail and data integrity.

Achieve donor and data excellence and ensure data quality of your gift entry.

Improve entire gift entry process.

Deposit checks and post data into your fundraising CRM.

Eliminate outside caging or lockbox.

Lower costs to process each gift.

Process more gifts faster.

Reduce the manual headache of donation processing, focus more on donor stewardship and relationship building​