Accelerated offline gift
processing for nonprofits

Process donations rapidly so that you
can get back to the mission at hand.

Why it works

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You have an important mission and a lot on your plate.

Aqubanc® recognizes that prioritizing your donations and recognizing your donors within your organization can be a very large task. We have created an effective solution to help simplify and expedite this process so you can get back to focusing on your mission's priorities.

Happy Staff.
Happy Donors.

By reducing the headache of manual donation processing, you can focus more on donor stewardship and relationship building.

Nonprofits who use Aqubanc® have reduced gift entry errors by over 98.6%.

What Clients Say About Us

On average,
nonprofits who
use Aqubanc®
reduce check
processing time
64% or more and
save around
$48,000 per year
on staff costs.

Reach out for a free consultation today! Let us help you simplify your offline donation process and keep you focused on your mission priorities.