Accelerated offline gift
processing for nonprofits

Process donations rapidly so that you
can get back to the mission at hand.

Why it works

You have an important mission and a lot on your plate.

Aqubanc® recognizes that prioritizing your donations and recognizing your donors within your organization can be a very large task. We have created an effective solution to help simplify and expedite this process so you can get back to focusing on your mission's priorities.

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Happy Staff.
Happy Donors.

By reducing the headache of manual donation processing, you can focus more on donor stewardship and relationship building.

Nonprofits who use Aqubanc® have reduced gift entry errors by over 98.6%.

What Clients Say About Us

Phoenix Rescue Mission

"Aqubanc® has revolutionized how we care for our donors. The product is very user-friendly, and has increased our accuracy rate and our speed of gift entry allowing our Annual Giving team to focus more time on donors and as a result raising more money. No more double-checking lockbox and we are saving over $100,000 annually."

Phoenix Rescue Mission

Love A Child

After reviewing our gift processing systems, Aqubanc® recommended an entire process from beginning to end that decreased the amount of data entry by 70%. By going directly to Cheque 21® depositing, we've eliminated the need for multiple tapes, check copying, creating deposits or trips to the bank.

The best result of our Aqubanc® system is that we have had a substantial reduction in data entry staff, eliminated temporary staff, and, quicker turnaround times in Gift Receipting which has lead to sending acknowledgement letters sooner. This year (Spring 2008), we are reporting a significant reduction in administrative expenses to our donors thanks to Aqubanc®."

Rescue Mission

"The Rescue Mission in Syracuse, NY wanted to improve its responsiveness to our donors. Our system at that time had several bottlenecks that caused delays in acknowledging gifts. We worked with Jim Cowen to review our current process. Jim provided recommendations for a better method to get the job done. Jim defined the process, equipment, and software. Early in this process Jim gained our confidence and our trust. I can say he has never disappointed us. We have met or exceeded all objectives of the project. That includes being responsive to our donors as well as meeting our budget for implementation and operation of the new system. We have needed assistance for a couple of different reason and Jim has been responsive and very helpful in all situations. I am very pleased that we met Jim and that we implemented the system under his guidance."

Union Gospel Mission

"We process 50,000+ gifts annually, for years gift processing was a time and staff consuming nightmare we often pulled everyone from the Executive Director to the Receptionist in to help open and process mail. Within a few short weeks of implementing the Aqubanc® solution we reduced the staff needed to two individuals and the time to a few hours on even a busy 4th quarter day. The time that we freed up has allowed us to improve our efforts in donor relations, moves management and personalized communications. After 3 years of use I can say that Aqubanc® has revolutionized our gift processing and has changed our culture and operations from logistical chaos to efficient donor centered process. Along the way Aqubanc® and their team have been exceptionally supportive and prompt when we need assistance. I would recommend Aqubanc® to anyone looking to improve their process and donor relations."

On average,
nonprofits who
use Aqubanc®
reduce check
processing time
64% or more and
save around
$48,000 per year
on staff costs.

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Process donations rapidly so that you can get back to the mission at hand.

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