We are on a mission to keep
nonprofit organizations
focused on their missions.

Offline donation processing made simple so
you can stay focused on the mission at hand.


Exclusively serving nonprofit organizations, Aqubanc® is the leading provider of imaging, gift entry and donation processing solutions for Offline Gifts.

Founded in 2003 by James Cowen, Aqubanc® has built collaborative partnerships with diverse companies serving nonprofits. Solutions include Cheque 21®, AquGift™ and private-labeled to support Development, Donor Services, gift receipting and financial/audit operations.

Aqubanc® clients include homeless shelters, food banks, child sponsorship, faith-based and mission-driven organizations throughout US and Canada.

How our System Works

Process donations rapidly so that you can get back to the mission at hand.

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Capture Donations​

Process the gifts that your donors send to you quickly. Capture offline donations in bulk, saving you hours of time each week.

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Ensure Gift Accuracy

Once the checks and gifts are imaged, our software allows you to make any corrections you see fit, browse current donors or create new donors.

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Upload to CRM

Our direct integrations with nonprofit CRM systems makes it simple and fast to get gift data into your system. It also speeds up the process of verifying entries and sending to the finance team or directly to the bank.

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Thank and Steward Your Donors

Because we speed up gift processing time, you can speed up the process to steward and thank your donors. Organizations who use Aqubanc® say this helps them better nurture their donors for the next opportunity to give.


James Cowen has worked with for-profit and non-profit clients throughout North America and Northern Europe. During this time it was apparent that offline gifts were inefficiently processed and available solutions were outdated, overpriced and ineffective. This drove the founding of Aqubanc® and to build relationships with hardware, software, service and agency providers to make the resulting solutions affordable and reliable for nonprofits.

Aqubanc® has collaborated with Contact Innovations in modifying their remittance payment software to meet the stringent and broad needs of nonprofits. This collaboration is so comprehensive to make the entire process starting from system definition through installation, training and ongoing support direct and easy for each client. Concurrent with tailoring each nonprofit client’s system, Aqubanc® works with their agency on Solicitation Slips for acquisition, cultivation and acknowledgements to further enhance efficiencies.

Aqubanc® is a proud member of The Giving Institute.

What Clients Say About Us

Aqubanc® helped nonprofits of all shapes and sizes improve gift processing so that nonprofit staff can focus more on the missions like this:

Feeding the

Advocating for

Giving shelter to the homeless

Reach out for a free consultation today! Let us help you simplify your offline donation process and keep you focused on your mission priorities.