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Check21 Processing

We make offline donation
processing fast and simple.

Aqubanc® is a leading solution provider of US Check 21, imaging and gift entry and donation processing systems. Aqubanc®'s total transaction throughput approach looks at your entire process from mail arrival to fundraising/accounting software posting and depositing.

How our System Works

Process donations rapidly so that you can get back to the mission at hand.

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Capture Donations​

Process the gifts that your donors send to you quickly. Capture offline donations in bulk, saving you hours of time each week.

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Ensure Gift Accuracy

Once the checks and gifts are imaged, our software allows you to make any corrections you see fit, browse current donors or create new donors.

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Upload to CRM

Our direct integrations with nonprofit CRM systems makes it simple and fast to get gift data into your system. It also speeds up the process of creating electronic Check21 bank file, verifying entries and sending to the finance team or directly to the bank.

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Thank and Steward Your Donors

Because we speed up gift processing time, you can speed up the process to steward and thank your donors. Organizations who use Aqubanc® say this helps them better nurture their donors for the next opportunity to give.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (“Check 21”) is a federal law that addresses critical problems associated with using paper check payments. Check 21 took effect in 2004, allowing financial institutions to legally accept check images in place of physical paper checks and giving birth to the remote deposit capture technology boom.
Every one of Aqubanc’s Check21 Solutions are tailored and delivered to meet your organization’s individual needs and provide real solutions to your specific problems, Caging, Development, Donation Processing, Fundraising, Gift Receipting, Gift Processing and Remittance operations.
Here is the process for Aqubanc®’s Check21 system:

    1. Check scanner and jogger hardware
    2. VisuallyVerify™ with Acquisition matching
    3. Check21 depositing
    4. Post into Fundraising/CRM
    5. AuditorArchive™

Reduce the manual headache of donation processing, focus more on donor stewardship and relationship building​